AUDI generation mars

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A vehicle I designed during an internship at AUDI exterior design center in Ingolstadt, Germany. It’s a vehicle for rought terrain for a new civilisation on mars, called “home 2.0”.

Meridiani Planum, Mars, 2110.

Unlimited space has become scarce and expensive on earth. Those who can afford it and those who are looking for a new kind of adventure got a new place to live – Mars. For a few years the first non-scientifically used Martian cities have been created. Within these perfectly planned cities there is only one possibility of rapid locomotion – a rail system that runs through the entire city. Outside the cities there is limited infrastructure. Most of the area is unexplored terrain and not comfortable to life. Since ‘space’ has been the new kind of luxury and one of the reasons why people left earth to settle on Mars the dream to live outside the cities in private housing estates grew. That’s why some people started to live completely independent in private residences. These people need a reliable, luxurious and robust possibility for transportation to live the new luxury of the unlimited freedom of movement or simply to make a trip to one of the cities. These ‘transportation units’ have to deal with several factors in order to survive in this harsh environment.
The first impression of the vehicle is its asymmetric shape directed against the wind. This results from the fact that there is very little atmosphere on Mars, so aerodynamic shapes aren’t needed and as a result a completely different architecture is possible. To reduce the danger of getting in contact with the harsh environment the vehicle has only one entrance to the passenger’s cabin. This entrance is accessible via a retractable staircase. On top of the passenger’s cabin there are some lamellae which can be moved apart to offer more space and to reveal or protect the solar cells below them from dust. The vehicle is controlled from the driver’s cabin which is separate from the passenger’s cabin. The driver has a special suit that allows him to move outside the vehicle.
In a dust storm the whole body of the vehicle can be lowered on the ground between the wheels, like an insect, to offer less windage area and to ensure a more stable state. The wheels consist of two elastic bands and work like the “Michelin-Tweel”, because it’s not possible to use air-wheels on Mars.